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The Samuel DuBose signaling EVENT explains the Indian Embassy and Hindu Bose-Einstein condensate EARTH WARS

RD-blog-number-6157 by Herb Zinser reviews the Samuel DuBose murder as a consequence of  Department of Justice  BOSTON TRIAL of  Bose-Einstein statistics with concept agent Tsarnaev  …… and the death sentence orders issued from the  Department  of Justice Bos region –> Boston.   Boston…


The Wisconsin sin wave interceptor explains the Nikola Tesla Sino-Korean conflict expressions

RD-blog-number-6187 by Herb Zinser reviews the Wisconsin earth  interceptor region for SIN WAVES. sin wave life forms,   and their translation into standard ENGLISH language  ….  basic science explanations  of  Nature’s human EVENTS and REALITY processes.     Wisconsin earth ……. …………sine  –>…


The murder of Zoellick in the Z-axis of the water molecule continuum LINKED to Boston control system ERRORS

RD-blog-number-6117 reviews the murder of Travis Zoellick  and the murder LINK to MIT university and  Boston region ERRORS in control system management.   2 tragic signaling events  are LINKED  by the water molecule continuum (considered the horizontal math plane on the EARTH geography…