RD-blog-number-6117 reviews the murder of Travis Zoellick  and the murder LINK to MIT university and  Boston region ERRORS in control system management.


2 tragic signaling events  are LINKED  by the water molecule continuum (considered the horizontal math plane on the EARTH geography surface  with expression cities and towns …..
like Watertown,  Wisconsin  AND Watertown, Massachusetts).


The 2 events are

1) Watertown, Wisconsin and the murder of Haroon Khan by  Zoellick.
Haroon Khan drove a Charles Darwin message vehicle with code word “Evolution”  and  EARTH LAB   name  identifier  …Mitsubishi  Lancer Evolution motor vehicle.



2) The Charles Darwin evolution battle  …Boston Marathon HUMAN RACE bombing on April 15,  year 2013  ….   a  battle that ended on April 19,2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts



The water molecule continuum (considered the horizontal math plane on the EARTH geography surface  with expression cities and messenger towns …..
like Watertown,  Wisconsin  AND Watertown, Massachusetts).

Thus we have the quantum physics states and equations
…… for water molecule communications    ……..
Water molecule structure … Wisconsin
…………………………………………………..sin wave component

of wave mechanics and quantum mechanic equations


Water molecule mass –> Mass  –> Mass  + alternating cycles –> Mass + ac –> Massachusetts




tesla EARTH  levels  waves



Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine – The Excluded Middle

In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may … A vibration sent through the earth returns an “echo signature” using the same …

Nikola Tesla, a scientist of great wisdom and vision, introduced a very important …

Earth consisted of different energy vibrations,

and if stimulated with specific .


tesla  6 energy of tsarnaev boston


Given this horizontal water molecule   … x, y axis plane of plane geometry  …  algebra surfaces .. we have the Z-axis and its water molecule packages with code word



geometry axis
–> B.F. SKIN Skinner box specimen   …..
that is ….. a human  skin package containing  water molecules

water human

UWM student was kidnapped, killed over car, authorities say

www.jsonline.com › … › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Oct 7, 2008 – Haroon Khan drove a silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and Travis W. Zoellick wanted one just like it. When Khan put his up for sale, …

Murder leaves brother puzzled – GMTODAY.com


Oct 7, 2008 – Haroon Khan, 31, was found dead in a shallow grave in Dodge County … they believe Travis Zoellick had set out to steal a Mitsubishi Evolution, …

Woman gets 20 years in Milwaukee student’s death

The Gainesville Sun

Jun 13, 2009 – The case involved 31-year-old Haroon Khan, who thought he was going to show his 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to potential buyers last October. … and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Travis Zoellick, met Khan in Milwaukee.





Thus .. Nature’s  systems perception of  the existence of 2-legged standing Zoellick
in the vertical Z-axis of Watertown, Wisconsin.


Super-symmetry existential physics parallel   MIRRORS  ….. and the parallel


The Boston Marathon bombing was a terrorist attack, followed by subsequent related shootings, that occurred when two pressure cooker bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 pm EDT, near the marathon’s finish line on Boylston Street. They killed 3 people

boston watertown map




he suspects were identified later that day as Chechen brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Shortly after the FBI released the images, the suspects killed an MIT policeman, carjacked an SUV, and initiated an exchange of gunfire with the police in Watertown, Massachusetts.

boston boat  gibran

He looked into the boat and saw a body lying in a pool of blood, and he promptly notified police.[121] Authorities surrounded the boat and verified movement through a forward looking infraredthermal imaging device in a State Police helicopter.[5][122] When the suspect started poking at the tarp of the boat, police began a large volume of gunfire at the boat, stopping only after the Superintendent on the scene called for a cease fire.

boston boat watertown


Thus we have have the common denominators between the 2 signaling events.


a) the vertical Z-axis  DEMO by humans

b) Watertown

919 Charles Street, Octagon House, Watertown Wisconsin


Charles River in Boston …….. BOTH linked to the Charles  Darwin stream of  consciousness  AND it SYMBOL ENGINE  words/language influence on the creation of these tragic signaling EVENTs


D) code MIT –> the automobile and MIT university

E) Boston numbers  April 15, 16, 17, 18, 19  –> information pointers to

Watertown, Wisconsin

number 15–> Hex”F”  –> Farm data fields of COMPUTER EARTH
number 16 –> hexadecimal base 16   ..information HIGHWAY 16 Wisconsin



highway 19 watertown


The above EARTH geography display and  Nature’s EARTH LAB RD site for coulomb thoughts and behavior of the water molecules.


coulomb 1


Thus we see code name Z –>  atomic computer data entry systems

into water  molecules

–> Z order entry  –> in  parallel existences code –> ll giving –>  Zoe ll –> assigned to Zoellick


The above is from an MIT physics textbook from  year 1955 …


evans 5


Below, we have the modern version of agent Evans  ….  whose staff failed to mention these important evidence factors  at the Tsarnaev TRIAL.


carmen and evans


U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks to the news media with
Boston  atomic bio-physics  Police Commisioner William B. Evans

after the  sentencing of the mathematical-physics  SCIENCE WAR ….

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar TsaRNAev.


Thus we have  the SCIENCE WARS and the POW (Prisoner of War ..Tsarnaev)
and his trial in the kangaroo court  with the Omaha WAR agent Warren Buffet
and his Geico Insurance …. Austrialian ads


War  array energy I/O data buffers   –>

War + array + en –>

Warren Buffett – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Warren Edward Buffett (/ˈbʌfɨt/; born August 30, 1930) is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is the most successful investor of the …

GEICO | GEICO’s Story from the Beginning


The Government Employees Insurance Company, now known as GEICO, was … The link between GEICO and Warren Buffett was thereby established, and in …

Geico Gecko voice-over by Jake Wood – The Inspiration Room


Jun 2, 2006 – … Gecko, in a hybrid Cockney London style, is Jake Wood, English comedian and actor. … Some people say

I sound like an Aussie from “down under. .

Thus we have  the secret  languages of Boston and their Carl Jung collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND   …… and their other tricks   ..such as Peter Lynch and Fidel Castro –> Fidelity Mutual FUN Funds with Cuba  –> Cunt Baby codes  of the sub-conscious MIND language  world of Mother Hood   ..
that created the code
…. 2  married people + 009  month pregnancy  shooting
… code year 2 009  at Fort Mother HOOD Texas  with menstruation DEMOS by  male human soldiers   at the Soldier  READ Center for   marketing textbook …..  BRAIN … social psychology using  WORD manipulation and language tricks approved by the Pentagon and Washington DC. thinkers.
Thus we see that Boston has forgotten the multi-facets of  REALITY …..

Thomas Kuhn and the Science Wars – Goodreads

Rating: 3.5 – ‎42 votes

Thomas Kuhn and the Science Wars has 42 ratings and 4 reviews. Tom said: This slim volume is one of a set collectively entitled Postmodern Encounters, th…

Science wars – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Postmodernists interpreted Thomas Kuhn‘s ideas about scientific paradigms to mean that scientific theories are social constructs, and philosophers like Paul …

about scientific paradigms
about scientific paradigms
about scientific para  + digms
about scientific parallel diagrams ..,,  such as the Watertown EVENT diagrams,  information flowcharts  and word descriptions …..  shown above,  using  real data examples and pictures/
Let’s look at another blog post that gives more clues for researchers.

The murder of Zoellick in the ROOT / Locus control systems WAR

Rd-blog-number-6116 by Herb Zinser looks at several things and then covers the Travis Zoellick message database.

Let’s look at a blog post that reviews  the various SYMBOL MACHINE  war  news reports.

Joe Stack explains EARTH codes and the murder of Zoellick

RD-blog-number-6086 by Herb Zinser reviews the EARTH LANGUAGE warrior known as Joe Stack.

Let’s look at another blog post that  outlines his message  …  and we shall add some more CLUES about EARTH LANGUAGE codes.


Joe Stack at the Georgetown airport


the Earth geography molecule political science hierarchy

of Texas hydrocarbons in Georgetown, Washington,DC

RD-blog-number-6085  Herb Zinser reviews the  information database generated by

Joe Stack  of Austin Texas …

known in INTELLECTUAL circles a ..as the city of autism  and bull-stories.


The University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin

Like the state it calls home, The University of Texas at Austin is a bold, ambitious leader, home to more than 51000 students and 3000 teaching faculty.

University of Texas at Austin
The University of Texas at Austin,
informally UT Austin, UT, University of Texas, or Texas in sports contexts, is a public research university and the flagship institution of The University of Texas System.
In other words …..deep in the sub-conscious MIND of   adult Texas people ….
University of Texas at Austin
The University of Texas at Austin,
informally UT Austin,
UT(ERUS) , Universe  of Texas, or Texas in sports contexts,is a public research university and theflagship institution ofThe University of Texas System.
Thus the brain stem LEVEL of thought content …
The COMPUTER EARTH software signal produced by Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE agent ….


Andrew Joseph Stack III smashing his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, on February 18, 2010 killing an IRS manager and injuring 13 others.

Stack Computers: 1.2 


Joe Stack Computers: 

Job order entry HUMAN  bio-computer manipulation  SCHEMES

run by the
hexadecimal  base 16  EARTH geography address space
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC


LIFO stacks, also known as “push down” stacks, are the conceptually simplest way of saving information in a temporary storage location for such common computer operations as mathematical expression evaluation and recursive subroutine calling.

Carnegie Mellon University

LIFO stacks, also known as “push down” stacks, are the conceptually simplest way of saving information in a temporary storage location for such common computer operations as mathematical expression evaluation and recursive subroutine calling.

LIFO stacks,
LIFO stacks,
LIFO stacks –> California  university schemes,
LIFO stacks,
LIFO stacks  and theCalifornia Institute of Technology ,
LIFO stacks and evolution of bio-computers …….  social psychology schemes…..
Alicia Douval –> subset letter codes –> Ali + cia  + dou + val …..
Alice (cia agent in the  Norbert Wiener  cybernetics WAR)  double

C. P. Snow – The Two Cultures debate controversy Rede …
Snow’s lecture, which set out to show that this gulf between two cultures was not … how many of them could describe the

Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Pilot Crashes Into Texas Building in

Apparent Anti-IRS (Infra-Red Spectrum human life forms of the
Texas bedroom skin people with hot bodies, babies  and superior BRAIN cells  )

Fox News Channel

Feb 18, 2010 – A pilot furious with the IRS crashed his small plane into an Austin, Texas, … The FBI identified the pliot as Joseph Stack, a 53-year-old software ..

a 53-year-old software ..
a 53-year-old software ..
a 53-year-old  DNA  software  agent code  5—> 3 by Interstate Highway 35  of Austin
see code numbers  …. 5  3 below
see the ladder    ….   the stack  .. the DNA source of Joe Stack’s MILITARY  DNA orders in
the idiot arrogant city of Austin

Below, the  living EARTH cell and the EARTH geography surface HIGHWAY 35  display ….
part of the hybrid ..  existential bio-physics  HYBRID   ..

comprised of INTERNAL   5–> 3    and 3–5

AND the EXTERNAL display of the double-message using
age 53 Joe  Stack


Austin highway 35
Notice. the 2 parallel  highway strands   ………

Directionality (molecular biology) – Wikipedia, the free …


DNA and RNA are synthesized in the 5′ to 3′ direction. … In coding DNA, codons read 5′–ATG–⋯–3′ on the sense strand, and 3′–TAC–⋯–5′ on the …

Thus we see the concrete Highway 35  with 4-heeled  automobiles goes in 2 directions   …
1  visible (sign 35)  and those driving in   the opposite direction … 5 3.

Thus we see why the Carl Jung unconscious MIND sub-conscious  MIND of  Arabs  and Jewish works ass backwards at times   …relative to the English language  frame of reference.

Why are some languages written from right-to-left? – Dictionary

Mar 11, 2012 – News flash: Twitter now comes in 28 languages – including Arabic, Farsi,Hebrew, and Urdu, which are written from right-to-left. Twitter has …

To create content in Arabic and Hebrew, you can make the right-to-left (RTL) …. Documents written in right-to-left language are bound along the rightmost edge …

Thus we see confused Austin and  the lack of communications by  ….

Steven Weinberg – Wikipedia,

Steven Weinberg (born May 3, 1933) is an American theoretical physicist and … at Austin, where he is a member of the Physics and Astronomy Departments.

Professor Steven Weinberg – Department of Physics …

Professor Steven Weinberg The University of Texas at Austin Department of Physics 1 University Station C1600 Austin, TX 78712-0264. Office – (512) 471-4394

Professor Steven Weinberg

Professor Steven Weinberg

Scientific American, Parallel Universes – PhilPapers

person who is not you but who lives on a planet called Earth, with misty … The idea of such an alter ego seems strange and implausible, but it looks as if we …

Professor St..even Weiner ….. even integer electron information shell messages for Austin  ….

Above, we see the odd integer orbitals that are used describe physical reality  of atoms and nuclear energy generating electricity power plants.
Thus we  have the missing EVEN integer shells ………… the Base 2  atomic  binary data space  ..the atomic computer  … regions  … 2,  4, 6, 8,.
Let’s return to Joe Stack.

What is the role of stack in a microprocessor? – Stack Overflow

Stack is used largely during a function call but depending on the language and level of programming it may be used to temporarily store processor register data …

2010 Austin suicide attack

The 2010 Austin suicide attack occurred on February 18, 2010, when Andrew Joseph Stack III deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakotalight aircraft into Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States,[4] killing himself and Internal Revenue Service manager Vernon Hunter.[5] Thirteen others were injured, two seriously. The four-story[6][7] office building housed an IRS field office occupying the top three floors, along with a couple of private businesses on the first floor.
Stack obtained a pilot’s license in 1994 and owned a Velocity Elite XL-RG plane, in addition to the Piper Dakota (aircraft registration N2889D) he flew into the Echelon building.[12]He had been using the Georgetown    Municipal Airport
for four and a half years and paid $236.25 a month to rent a hangar.[1]
He then drove to a hangar he rented at Georgetown Municipal Airport, approximately 20 miles to the north.[21] He boarded his single-engine Piper Dakota airplane and took off around 9:45 a.m. Central Standard Time.[22][23][24][25] He indicated to the control tower his flight would be “going southbound, sir.”[12] After taking off, his final words were “thanks for your help, have a great day.”[26]About ten minutes later, his plane descended and collided at full speed into Echelon I, a building containing offices for 190 IRS employees, resulting in a large fireball and explosion.[22][27][28] The building is located near the intersection of Research Boulevard (U.S. Route 183) and Mopac Expressway (Loop 1).

What is stack pointer ? – Definition from WhatIs.com

stack pointer is a small register that stores the address of the last program request … An ARM processor is any of several 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set …

He had been using the Georgetown    Municipal Airport
for four and a half years and paid $236.25 a month to rent a hangar.[1] 

What is stack pointer ? 

Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) – Wikipedia

Georgetown is a historic neighborhood, commercial, and entertainment district located in northwest WashingtonD.C., situated along the Potomac River.

History – ‎Geography – ‎Demographics

Non-Euclidean geometry – Wikipedia

The essential difference between the metric geometries is the nature of parallel lines.Euclid‘s fifth postulate, 

the parallel postulate, is equivalent to Playfair’s …
the nature of parallel lines
the nature of parallel lines
the nature of parallel lines   

Parallel Lines in Georgetown and

Georgetown myopic brain cell ERROR perceptions:

 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry – Math Forum …

In planar geometry (geometry on a flat surface, also called Euclidean geometry), no. The definition of parallel lines is that they extend infinitely …

Thus we have EARTH LANGUAGE  code of Joe Stack   and Georgtown air port.code word –> George ..subset codes –> geo +rg + e –> Geography region earth

Thus the TEXAS message of Georgetown  air port —>

What is stack pointer ? 

Washington, DC  levels of  HUMAN  authority / stack / organizational structure has  been replaced by EARTH system  appointments. 
Georgetown air port in Washington,DC  translates into 
Georgetown   big mouth/output PORT   ….  air with verbal sounds  ……  advanced HUMAN evolution with individual air port technology   …and  a cell phone to keep talking babble and nonsense.
Advances in molecular cell biology   and BRAIN trivia VERSUS   knowledge of math, science, etc …
What are some other EARTH LANGUAGE   symbol codes and their translation?
Human last name –> Bender –> bend  + der –> the bend /curvature of the EARTH dermatology / skin   –> information  pointer to Nietzsche

The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its …

Friedrich Nietzsche The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its diseases is called man.

49,862 Whitepages telephone directory

profiles found for name ‘Bender’

Over 300,000,000 profiles searched from the largest and most trusted way to find people online.

We have the murder of  a young EARTH MAN from the clay / soil / down to EARTH family  …
the Claytons family and the murder of Sam Hengel at Marinette High School in Wisconsin.

Sam Hengel, Marinette High School student who held …

Daily News
Nov 30, 2010 – A Wisconsin teen who held 23 students and a teacher hostage at … 15-year-old Samuel Hengel died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound …


Samuel O. Hengel – EH Extra

Eagle Herald

Dec 3, 2010 – Samuel O. Hengel found peace on Tuesday, Nov. … old and born in Green Bay, Wis., on June 27th, 1995, to Jonathan and Ann (Clayton) Hengel. … Sam was a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Life Scout and …


Great Events < Thus Spoke Zarathustra < Friedrich …

Friedrich Nietzsche. … The earth, said he, hath a skin; and this skin hath diseases. … For it seeketh by all means to be the most important creature on earth, the …


Thus Spoke Zarathustra 

Thus Spoke Zarathustra 

Thus Spoke Z ara thus  tra 

Thus Spoke Z   area  thus  trap


The vertical Z-axis of a human standing on the EARTH geography / land / soil / ground .surface.




UPDATE: Student Murdered – NBC15 WMTV

Sep 7, 2009 – Investigators say 20-year-old Travis Zoellick killed the University of …. in a shallow grave in the Town of Emmet in southern Dodge County.

20-year-old Travis Zoellick killed the University of20-year-old Travis Zoellick killed the University of20/20 vision and 20 standard amino acids  within Nature’s agent ……….. 20-yea-old Travis Zoellick killed the Universe of shallow Bull-Shit explanations about tragic signaling EVENTS.
Code –>  Travis Zoellick  –>  Tra + vis  + Z  oe + ll –> Trap  visitors  Z  order entry Euclidean plane geometry .. parallel universes (on EARTH)

Wisconsin’s high-speed trains ready to roll… in Michigan :

Sep 18, 2014 – In this 2009 file photo, a model of a highspeed train is seen outside of a press conference where Gov. Jim Doyle announced Wisconsin’s …


]Partial Solutions to H/wk 7

Determine which of the following statements are true in neutral geometry. …
(c) If the Euclidean parallel postulate is true then ,
when two parallel lines are.

Passenger Rail Advocacy, High Speed Rail Planning …

Directory of passenger rail advocacy groups and high speed rail projects plus … KenRail – Committed to improved passenger rail service in southeast Wisconsin.


Definition of Parallel Lines – Math

Parallel Lines. Two lines on a plane that never meet. They are always the same distance apart.


Thus we have the  code  –>   2 vertical parallel lines  –> the living language proper  noun word–> Zoe ll ick.

Zoellick,,,standing on 2 legs in the vertical z-axis dimension   ….. is 1 3rd vertical line.


Thus the keyword ==> parallel  –> has  3  vertical  line  SIGNS  …… and  Nature’s SARTRE agent in Watertown was asked to penetrate that secret word in existential physics.


Thus we a have the 3 vertical parallel lines comprised of —> 1 physical biology human of  age 20 and his proper  noun Zoellick.

This is LINKED to the Milwaukee to Madison SECRET  MOTIVES of the high speed railroad   …2 parallel lines on EARTH ground  …..   the moving ferrous oxide IRON atom railroad cars  being the 3rd parallel in the EARTH surface  horizontal plane.

We know this by the Zoellick  CARL JUNG collective unconscious GROUP MIND expression that his sub-conscious MIND  brought up to a surface level of display  ..VIA his TRIP  from Watertown to Milwaukee  and  back to Watertown.


UPDATE: Student Murdered – NBC15 WMTV

Sep 7, 2009 – Two other young people are jailed in the killing of 31-year-old University of WisconsinMilwaukee student and businessman Haroon Khan, who .


Zoellick,   police say, was obsessed with obtaining a

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
( E –> Euclidean plane geometry evolution),
and on Oct. 1 he told LaFave he had located one for sale in Milwaukee.

The two drove from Watertown to Milwaukee that day in Zoellick’s 2004 Saab. Along the way, Zoellick told LaFave that he was going to take the Mitsubishi. LaFave told police Zoellick had with him a supply of zip ties and a gun was tucked in his left pocket.

LaFave dropped Zoellick off at Khan’s residence near the UW-Milwaukee campus. She then drove to E. Locust St. and N. Humboldt Blvd. A few minutes later, Zoellick, driving the Mitsubishi and with Kahn as his passenger, pulled up.

Zoellick leaned into the Saab and, according to the complaint, said: “The guy said you should go for a ride.”

When LaFave agreed, Zoellick told her: “Grab the zip ties.”

LaFave climbed into the backseat of the Mitsubishi, Zoellick into the front. They chatted about the car. Then Zoellick pulled out a gun and pointed it at Khan.

“Mr. Khan then looked at Ms. LaFave, and Ms. LaFave put her head down,” the complaint says.


She then drove to E. Locust St

She then drove to E. Locust St

She then drove to E. Locust St

…………………………………………………………… test 


Control Systems/Root Locus Wikibooks,


Control Systems/Root Locus … and Control Engineering

Luckily, there is a method called the root-locus method, that allows us to graph the locations of all the …


In this section, the rules for the S-Plane and the Z-plane    (with Zoellick)   are the same, so we won’t refer to the differences between them.

In the transform domain (see note at right), when the gain is small, the poles start at the poles of the open-loop transfer function. When gain becomes infinity, the poles move to overlap the zeros of the system. This means that on a root-locus graph, all the poles move towards a zero. Only one pole may move towards one zero, and this means that there must be the same number of poles as zeros.

If there are fewer zeros than poles in the transfer function, there are a number of implicit zeros located at infinity, that the poles will approach.


PGSA – We, the Milwaukee Poles  of  Nature’s bio-math, bio-physics  SOCIAL expression  SYSTEM

“The History of Milwaukeeans of Polish Descent and a Record of Their Contributions to the Greatness of Milwaukee“. Sponsored by the Casimir Pulaski Council .


Milwaukee – Wikipedia,

The Poles   had many reasons

for leaving their homeland, mainly poverty and political oppression. Because Milwaukeeoffered the Polish immigrants an …



ho  me   land

h2o  molecule land

Watertown molecule land and Emmet


Control Systems/Poles and Zeros – Wikibooks, open books …


Physically realizable control systems must have a number of poles  greater  than …

of zeros to the transfer function (from Europe to Milwaukee)  rhas the effect

of pulling the root locus to the left, …

She then drove to E. Locust St
She then drove to E. Locust St
She then drove to E. Locust St
Wisconsin earth 
………….sine     waves  … Nikola Tesla EARTH vibrations
………… singularities (poles plus zeros) on the REALITY axis…. thinking clearly .. instead of the  Hollywood fantasy illusions in Milwaukee and Madison. …
The Joe Stack  EARTH LANGUAGE  code –> Georgetown  –>> george –> geo + rg + e –> Geography region earth.
Specifically –> Georgetown  code …..
……………………………….get  o  w n –> Get   Region of Convergence (agent)  WEST  ….WatertowN.
roc complex math

Michelle Obama to visit Wisconsin school to promote water

http://www.jsonline.com › News › Politics
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sep 12, 2013 – Students at Watertown High School will welcome first lady Michelle Obama at the launch of a push to get Americans to drink more water.

Michelle Obama tells Watertown audience people should …

The Daily Cardinal

Sep 12, 2013 – WATERTOWNMichelle Obama has pushed Americans to eat … banks of the Rock River in southeastern Wisconsin about midway between …

Nice try …  but she failed to communicate  the complete message ..required by H2O molecules  –> H2  implies  1/2 and 1/2    –> Galileo –> Two Chief World  Systems.
Her husband is Commander in Chief of only 1 world system  (the United States Government in Washington DC)   ….. she has not completed her mission   ..neglecting 1/2 of REALITY and its messengers and spoke people  in the Watertown region regarding the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature per John Locke and others.
She failed to visit  the  EARTH  … Galileo/Hubble social  astronomy community   of Hubbleton   near Watertown, etc.
Diplomatic errors  are popular in world of Washington,DC  EM life forms and Music life forms …  that ought come down to EARTH someday  ….. per rules of Thomas Jefferson binding on Jefferson County /  Watertown .
hubbleton map with quarry
Specifically –> Georgetown  code …..
……………………………….get  o  w n –> Get   Region of Convergence (agent)  WEST  ….WatertowN
get  o  w n –> Get   Region of Convergence (agent WEST per TV program codes)

The Wild Wild West (TV Series 1965–1969) – IMDb

Internet Movie Database
Rating: 8.3/10 – ‎2,338 votes

Created by Michael Garrison. With Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, Whitey Hughes, Dick Cangey. Two Secret Services agents, equipped with a wide array of …

104 Episodes – ‎Reviews & Ratings – ‎Trivia – ‎Quotes
Two Secret Services agents, equipped with a wide array of gizmos, work for the government in the Old West.
get  o  w n –> Get   zeroes
get  o  w n –> Get  Chicago circle campus agent

ATomIC  SHELL  E(lectron) Orbital Base map

get  o  w n –> Get   odd integer communication agents

The Control Handbook, Second Edition: Control System …

Control System Fundamentals, Second Edition William S. Levine …
an odd number of singularities (poles plus zeros) on the real axis is a point on the root locus.

an odd number  ………..  1  3  5  7  9

an odd number …letter A C E  __> atomic ACEtycholine neutrotransmitter  OUTPUT communications line  LINKED to Earth geography land  systems   ….. communications HUB   at  Nuremberg Germany Europe   .. LINKED to
communications HUB  at Hubbleton, Wisconsin and the Meta language region of Meta Starker …. from the Max Born geo-physics region of Nuremberg year 1907  …..
linked to the  EARTH systems arch (architecture of the EARTH iron core and its hardware and  the  magnetic DATA FIELD software)

per ARCH DUKE Fer(Ferrous oxide IRON atom and the year 1914 Latin Bridge  VIA spanned data records of the Spanish Languages per year 1492  ..King Ferdinand and Queen IS = Information Systems)  that allowed the periodic atomic table of elements of 18 columns  to have their expression system select   human agent .. columns  code –> col  –> Columbus  ………… travel across the  Atlantic Ocean molecule mass 18  to establish an 18 to 18  numeric LINK  in EARTHLY  n-space

an odd number  ……   the FermiLAB  existential physics communications problems..


Fermilab’s World Year of Physics Symposium

FERMILAB’S WORLD  EAR O  –> the ear hole people with harmonic sound wave brain cells 
the eye people

Notice  …….  the EAR signal in the above picture    ..
that is the right EAR  …  better known as

the RIG EAR  …..with brain schemes and conspiracies     …
as per announcement of Bobby Riggs

tennis.com – 1973: Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the …


Apr 2, 2015 – Thirty thousand people sat in Houston’s Astrodome on September 20, 1973, and watched Billie Jean King run Bobby Riggs ragged for three …

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone was born in Peru and speaks fluent Spanish and Italian. He and his MITochondra brain cells   graduated from MIT and received a Percentage of Hydrogen DEGREE (PhD)  in physics from Princeton     … and  LINKS to Einstein’s  DATA  FIELD THEORY  via Milwaukee baseball processing layer (P Layer — player)  Prince Fielder.

and speaks fluent Spanish

and speaks fluent Spanish
and speaks fluent Spanish
and speaks flu …  disease  Spanish and ought tell the Department of Justice and Boston Carmen Ortiz the realities  and protocol of  the Margaret Mead atomic social science   and the SCIENCE WARS  POW –> Prisoner of War ….Tsarnaev
The murder of Z = Zoellick  as he ventured into parallel .. existential physics  dimensions.Puzzle?The World War Z announcement.


world war z movie

An Introduction to Z Transforms – Facstaff Bucknell

Bucknell University

Introduction to Z Transforms for Analysis of Sampled Systems. … a control situation, a measurement might be processed to calculate a signal to control a system.

Z-transform – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


If you are provided a Ztransform of a system without an ROC ( Region of Convergence WAR signs i.e., an ambiguous x[n]) ….. Digital control systems implementation and computational techniques.

EARTH military signs on the geography surface
Region of Convergence WAR signs
Region of Convergence WAR signs
Region of Convergence WAR signs –> traffic roundabout circles
traffic circle round carbon ring
roc complex math

Control Systems/Root Locus – Wikibooks, open books for an …


This process can be a long one. Luckily, there is a method called the rootlocus method, that allows us to graph the locations of all the poles of the system for all …

Essence of the Root Locus Technique – ECE

Rutgers University

In this chapter we study a method for finding locations of system poles. The method is … The importance of the root locus method for control system theory lies.

finding locations of system poles.
finding locations of system poles.
finding locations of   bio-system poles.

ABC’s of Polish Community in Boston and New England …

The access to basic information about the Boston Poles life.

List of U.S. cities with large Polish-American populations …


See also: Little Poland. U.S. cities and communities with large Polish American populations are largely concentrated in the Upper … Boston, Massachusetts – 13,704 (2.3%). … Lists of U.S. cities with large ethnic population · Poles in Omaha …

Polish American – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Overall, more than one million Poles have immigrated to the United States, ….
Nearly 3 million people of Polish descent live in the area between Chicago and ….
with major Polish communities, include:

Buffalo,  –> I/O data buffer algorithm poles
New York;–> Isaac newton gravity field poles
Boston; –> Base OS/JCL Pole bio-computers
Baltimore; . BAL – basic Assembler Language poles form the COMPUTER EARTH Europe Bal / Baltic region .


geometry axis



The z-axis   of  runners ….. trying to escape  the Z-transform DEATH subroutine.


boston runners   2013



Above, Boston Marathon runners in year 2013  ….. and

SparkNotes: No Exit: Summary

www.sparknotes.com › … › Literature Study Guides › No Exit

A short summary of Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit.
This free synopsis covers all the crucial BOSTON   plot points of No Exit.


About No Exit – CliffsNotes  with Clark  Clifford


Clark Clifford  and Cliff Notes Law summaries
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Clark McAdams Clifford (December 25, 1906 – October 10, 1998) was an American lawyer who served as an important political advisor to Democratic …

Clark Clifford, a Major Adviser To Four Presidents, Is Dead …

The New York Times

Oct 11, 1998 – Clark M. Clifford, the silver-haired Brahmin of the nation’s political establishment who advised Presidents across half a century of American …



Cliff Notes Law summaries


No Exit (Huis Clos) is one of Sartre’s finest plays; it is produced and studied more than any of his other dramas. The setting is Hell even though it resembles.


boston   mara jade   star wars




geometry axis



Essence of the Root Locus Technique – ECE

Rutgers University

In this chapter we study a method for finding locations of system poles.



finding locations of system poles.

finding locations of system poles.

finding locations of system poles in Boston –> subset word –> ton –> implies EARTH eight


Below, the Boston announcement  ………..


Congress EARTH  Mass Divison of  existential physics  ….. that is … EARTH  space/time is a partitioned data set with members  …..

EARTH mass is such a division of existence


poland earth mass


July 26 –> pointer to ferrous oxide IRON atom and its atomic number 26 with 26 alphabet letters –> information  pointer to EARTH iron core (per Jules Verne book  …Journey to the Center of Earth)


picture  - table 2



iron core - Earth-1





Below, July 26 (atomic number 26 of atomic English alphabet of the periodic atomic table)
……….   starting at 1  pm –> 1 proton mass  –> Hydrogen

poland earth mass



picture - hydrogen 2




Thus we have the Boston POLISH announcement of the  mass continuum

.. from hydrogen mass (small number  to EARTH mass(large number).


Of of these atomic facts of  the bombing event     ………. ..omitted from the Boston TRIAL.




carmen and evans

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks to the news media with Boston Police Commisioner William B. Evans after the sentencing of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar  Tsarnaev…



Picture - wave 4


Thus we have the  bio-physics energy wave  equation  …

Carmen Ortiz ………
………en  ort  –> en  orbit


William Evans
…………..Ev + ans –> electron volt(eV)  atomic number(an)  answer systems

definition of an electron volt – NASA Science – Science@NASA

science.nasa.gov › … › Science@NASA Headline News › 2001

George Lebo, University of Florida: “An electron volt (eV) is the energy that an electron gains when it travels through a potential of one volt. You can imagine that …


Thus we have a complex puzzle about Boston   …and the Department of Justice failure  …..
to  tell the public and the judge and jury  …. about the secret identity    ..the TRUE NATURE  of Carmen and Evans.



Perhaps the Pole  scientist and engineers   in Boston will stand up and explain modern REALITY in year 2015.

Are Boston Poles chickens?

Time will tell.


How does a Chicago Pole  get  chicken brains.

Go on the Chicago Kennedy expressway with algebra subsets…………
……………..Chic ……Ken  ,,,,,,,express


Busy Bee To Buzz No More – tribunedigital-chicagotribune

Chicago Tribune

Jun 6, 1998 – A Hive Of Activity For Several Decades, The Wicker Park Polish Diner … doors of the Busy Bee restaurant on North Damen Avenue to serve coffee … “He said he couldn’t compete (with an icon like the Busy Bee),” Madej said.

Former location of Sophie’s Busy Bee | Atlas Obscura

Site of a once beloved Polish diner, and location of a famous Hillary Clinton soundbite. … Address. 1548 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60647, United States …

[PDF]Busy Bee Tribute:Chicago.rtf


Until 1998, the Polish-American diner under the L tracks at 1546 N. Damen was a fixture of … The Busy Bee was a diamond ring that united Damen, Milwaukee and North … Milwaukee Avenue, where he made smelt nuts by hand. She had a .



Busy Bee

Busy Bee & Damen

Bus + sy Bee –> data bus system  DAM —> Direct Access Method



Direct-access storage device – Wikipedia, the free …


IBM developed DASDs for use with mainframe computers and some … Access methods for DASDs include sequential, indexed, and direct. … The programming interface macros and routines are collectively called DAM: direct access methods.

Access method – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


An access method is a function of a mainframe operating system that enables access to data on … They were introduced in 1963 in IBM OS/360 operating system. … 2.1 Basic versus queued; 2.2 Sequential versus direct … Direct Access Method (PHDAM), Partitioned Hierarchical Indexed Direct Access Method (PHIDAM), …

Basic direct access method – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM is an access method for IBM’s OS/360 and successors computer operating systems on System/360 and later mainframes.


Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM

Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM

Basic Direct Access Method, or Busy Bee DAM on Damen Avenue of Computer Earth