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NASA explains the CPT symmetry war at MIT university that results in death of agent Tsarnaev

Rd-blog-number-6331 by Herb Zinser reviews the human electron volt(ev)  WAR in the greater Boston region  …. with Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts. The year 2913 battle field ……….       definition of an electron volt (eV) – NASA Science – Science@NASA science.nasa.gov ›…


Boy Scout(BS) Sam Hengel killed in the Biot-Savart LEGAL conflict

RD-blog-number- 6274 by Herb Zinser reviews the EARTH iron core / magnetic field  war zone … centered around the greater geography region of  IRON MOUNTAIN, Michigan  and northern Wisconsin.             Biot–Savart law In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the Biot–Savart…